Energy source of the future

Silicor Materials is preparing the construction of a high tech solar grade silicon plant in the Southwest of Iceland at Grundartangi . The plant is unique in that it will produce solar grade silicon by using a less expensive and more environmentally friendly method much different from the traditional methods used in the industry. By relying on a better method the new plant at Grundartangi will make solar energy a less expensive choice which is important in the development of green energy . 

As is well known the demand for energy is constantly rising. To fulfill that need without an increase in the emission of greenhous gases we need to use other energy sources than fossil fuels. The energy of the sun is unlimited and it can be harnessed to counter global warming without emissions. The utilization of solar power is therefore a part of the solution to the problem of global warming.

Carbon neutral production

Silicor Materials' solar grade silicon plant at Grundartangi will be carbon neutral and will therefore not increase the emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide. Measures will be taken, in accordance with internationally approved standards, to make the plant carbon neutral. Silicor has already taken the first step in this direction by signing a contract with Kolviður Fund to plant 26 thousand trees yearly, which will offset all carbon dioxide emissions from the production of the solar grade silicon plant at Grundartangi.

The plant will produce solar grade silicon for solar cells which will harness 38 times more energy through solar power than the electricity used for their production.  Carbon dioxide emissions from the production will only be 48 metric tons pr. year which is similar to what 25-35 typical family cars emit pr. year. A typical aluminium smelter in Iceland emits around 500 thousand tons pr. year.



Solar grade silicon is used in solar cells to harness solar energy which promotes sustainable development worldwide. 


Silicor's solar grade silicon plant is based on a new production process patented by the company. The process has been in development since 2006. 

The Silicor process is safer, more environmentally friendly, less expensive and requires only a third of the energy needed by traditional methods.

The silicor process involves melting silicon in aluminium which removes the impurities from the silicon and thereby leaves 99.9999% pure solar grade silicon. Two by-products derive from the process. An aluminum master alloy which is sometimes used to make vehicles and planes lighter and polyaluminum chloride which is used to purify water. This way Silicor makes full use of the raw materials, leaving no waste or toxic waste behind.