1 MW of Icelandic energy becomes 38 MW

The increasing use of solar cells in the world reduces the need for fossil fuels such as oil and coal. The plant at Grundartangi will be powered by Icelandic electricity which comes from a sustainable source. Thereby each Icelandic MW is used to produce 38 MW of solar energy in other countries. Renewable energy from Iceland is thus utilized for environment protection world wide.

Green solar energy for 800.000 homes yearly

Silicor's yearly production at Grundartangi will be used in solar cells with more than a 3.200 MW production capacity. That's more than all of the installed capacity of power plants in Iceland (the installed capacity of the National Power Company, HS Energy, ON and Rarik was 2,760 MW in 2014). Silicor's yearly production will suffice to produce 4kW solar cells for 800 thousand homes.

Silicor Materials is an American company with headquarters in California. The company was founded in 2006 under the name Calisolar. In 2010 the company purchased the Canadian company 6N Silicon and was renamed Silicor Materials. The CEO of the company is Theresa Jester, an engineer with almost four decades experience in the development and utilization of solar energy.

More detailed information on Silicor Materials is available here on the website of the parent company.